What is Cafecito?

Cafecito’s platform prevents social isolation for digital workers by providing benefits such as integrated calendar breaks with like-minded people, break reminders, and robust member profiles to create a safe space to network in a casual environment. This problem is even more amplified today as major companies transition to fully remote teams and many individuals are working at home long-term due to the pandemic. Since launching in February 2020, Cafecito has hosted more than 500 meetings for 700 members on the beta platform.

We listened, researched, and built a better experience

We've received feedback - A LOT of it since our launch. We're nowhere near perfect as a product. Granted when I put everything together using Carrd.co, Zapier, and Airtable I thought it'd be enough. I'd spend hours and hours manually matching users, scheduling them, and setting up their rooms to meet. It was hard but I loved the work because I know how much impact it could make long-term.

I've had the incredible opportunity to watch Cafecito grow as a product. We've added more users and even new teammates. And they've all contributed to making the new app become a reality.

We still have many more improvements to make but we are functioning as an agile team and we're being flexible on our journey to build an incredible product for existing and future users.

The Release

New Interface

Prior you didn't have a list of your upcoming or past. We'd just email you each time. Now you have coontrol and can see a birds-eye view of your Dashboard.

Updating Profile on the Fly

Remember when you switched jobs or picked up a new interest? Yeah, there was no great way to update your profile. But now there is! So no matter if you switch jobs, move to a new city, or decide to take a break from Cafecito you can do all of it right in the app.

Access your Cafecito calls within the app

No need to go get dropped into a different call link. Instead within our app you can join, have the conversation, access a conversation starter to break the ice, and leave feedback on your match post-call.

Update your availability weekly (we'll remind ya)

Every Sunday we'll still email you and remind you to update your preferences. If nothing has changed, leave it the same :) If you're going to be away or unavailable change it to 'Not Available' for How often would you like to meet this month?

That's all folks! We're pumped to have an app. It's helping us take that next step in creating a better product and we hope that you enjoy the new look and feel. More coffee feels to come soon within the app! 

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What's next? Coming to a browser near you

1. Community access and a feed!

2. Regional groups

3. Masterminds

4. Leaderboard. Race to the most brews!

Questions? Email me at irma@meetcafecito.com

-Irma, Founder of Cafecito