Leaving office life can be tough. The way you work changes, but so can the way you eat, socialize, and relax.

Here are our three ways for you to be healthier while working from home ⬇️

Designate a day of the week to plan your meals

  1. Every week, plan your eating schedule and meals on the same day (we like Sunday). It can be a rough number of meals, and should also take into account if you’re eating out. The point is to give yourself some structure and push you away from impulse eating because you don't have a meal planned.
  2. For every day of the week try to write down a meal. Maybe start doing this for one day out of the week, then two days out of the week and build up from there. Think about what your breakfast, lunch, dinner will be and write it down.
  3. When you’re cooking, try to make a little more for leftovers. Future you will be happy you did the next day for lunch or virtual coffee break! It’s super easy to eat junk but if you’re making an effort to prepare you will be set.

Plan your fitness ahead of time

  1. Check out your local gym or research other physical activities you might be interested in, like rock climbing. Many gyms and classes have apps where you can RSVP for classes, so you can sit down and schedule your group classes in advance.
  2. If you’re attending a gym or an online class, RSVP and commit. No RSVP system? Block time on your calendar dedicated to a 30 minute or one-hour workout such as a solo run, biking, stretching, or yoga.
  3. Once it’s planned, hold yourself accountable. Make a commitment with yourself to honor these time blocks and the RSVPs on your calendar the same way you would with a client call or a meeting with your boss.

Set daily or weekly reminders for meditation

  1. Okay! Not everyone will love this one but it’s huge. You might not take meditation and the impact it can have seriously. But, the more you settle into working remotely and being home most of the day alone, you may find yourself more alone with your thoughts. Meditation can help re-center you so that you're not overthinking everything or feeling anxious.
  2. There are tons of apps out there to help guide you through a calming meditation, but it really starts with one simple idea: focus on your breathing, and nothing else. Try it out sometime!

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