How It Works 🙂

Thank you for supporting Cafecito. We hope you're enjoying the experience! Because we love coffee around here and to thank you for being part of Cafecito, this month we'll be picking 3 members and sending you a free bag of coffee. You'll receive an email from me once you're selected and we'll work out the details of where to send the coffee and all that fun stuff!

How To Enter 🤞

  1. Head over to LinkedIn
  2. Create a new post or use this link to share a pre-filled post
  3. Copy and paste the message below and tag 2 friends who should join you on Cafecito!
  4. I signed up to Cafecito because {add your own spin!}. Join me [@FriendorColleague] and [@FriendorColleague] on <> and maybe we'll bump into each other and have a Cafecito. #meetcafecito @Irma Mesa
  5. That's it! Using the #meetcafecito hashtag we'll randomly generate 3 winners on August 1st, 2020 and send your free bag of coffee.

Why? 💥

In the past few months since launching Cafecito we've been able to see the positive impact it's had on people across our global community. From Entrepreneurs to Engineers and even Psychologists using Cafecito every week, we've received positive notes on the value they're getting. Whether it's the ease of just showing up to a Cafecito and kicking off conversation with a complete stranger or finally having a blocked 30 minutes on their calendar to disconnect from work - it's helping to build habits and incredible connections. We're seeing folks learning new things, creating connections on a global scale, and helping each other whenever possible. As our community grows it's exciting to see the impact we can make in making remote work more social and prioritizing self-care.

We're constantly trying out new coffee, new varieties, and various styles of brewing. Along the way we've found a few roasters that are totally killing it and we want to share that with you. Thank you for your continued support!