Wake up early

Okay, so working from home even if it's just 1 day out the week feels nice, right? You can maybe go to sleep a little later because you have no commute and flexibility on when you have to be "online". But waking up late or "whenever" can get out of control as you work from home more and more.

To fix this, set an alarm for at least one hour before when you have to online. Maybe even try two to three hours prior, although this might take some determination.

Why? Waking up early, even if it's one hour before walking over to your desk, is a clear and healthy start to your morning. It provides your brain the downtime to clear your morning responsibilities, take a walk, or even sit down and journal or plan out your day. More importantly, you're not going to be in a rush as you check-in to work.

Schedule time for lunch, cafecito, or socialization with a friend

It can be jarring to leave the office environment where people are walking around, making eye contact, smiling, or walking to grab lunch together. It's hard.

So, now you're home and thinking, "I feel kind of alone". We understand, and you should know that's normal.

To help with this, there are a few intentional things you can do. During that one hour before work, hop into your calendar and block out some time (maybe 15 minutes, maybe an hour, your choice). You can title it, "Maria - break". When the clock hits time, stop what you're doing and step away from your desk, call a friend, take a walk, or heat leftovers from last night.

Maybe that all sounds like a great idea, but you don't have time to plan it or you'd love to talk to other people working remotely while you eat or sip cafecito? Try out Cafecito. We match you with like-minded workers for virtual coffee/lunch breaks (or whatever kind of break you want!). This is a great resource for you or anyone who's looking for that human interaction during their workday.

Commit to stepping away from your desk after hours

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create” — Jana Kingsford

It's easy to keep working, especially when working remotely. You can stay sitting at your desk and logged into work far longer than you should. It may even cut into your personal life since it's so simple to just do one more task for work or answer one last email.

The truth is, it can wait until tomorrow.

Protecting your time is something you have control over. When the clock hits whatever "end of the day" looks like for you, log off. Close your chats. Turn on Do Not Disturb so that you do not receive any work notifications. If it's urgent, you'll be texted or called.

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