You may be wondering what to gift that entrepreneur, freelancer, or maker in your life? Well there are few items that can put a smile on their face.

A fun yet challenging puzzle - Check it out ->

This is a fun one! Maybe you have a designer in your life, an artist, or someone who loves bright colors and challenging puzzles. Well, here’s one they won’t be able to put down. 

The good ole’ jenga game - Check it out ->

This one is a classic. And it’s a fun gift as well. Jenga has been around for years and years as the game for 2+ people to jump into. It not only makes you think but as the stack grows the more intense the game becomes as you race to win. No further explanation needed!

Soundcore Bluetooth Earphones - Check it out -> 

Airpods, who? These are way more cost-effective and get the job done. Take your Cafecito calls while you walk, take your calls while refilling your water or walking your dog. Hands free has never been easier. 

I have a pair and they’re wonderful! From the moment I started using them I’ve been telling everyone I know about them because they’re easy to use, lightweight, and the sound for calls and music are just like the trending Apple Airpods. Give these a try! 

Coffee Bean Subscription - Check it out ->

Cafecito is all about coffee! If the creative in your life loves their morning brew, a coffee subscription will keep them stocked every month. I’m a big fan of YESPLZ. When I wake up I walk over to the espresso machine and start making my cup of coffee - usually a latte.

Every month they’ll get a new bag from Kenya, Colombia, and more. Maybe make yourself a cafecito? Read our how to make a cafecito guide. 

Our good friends over at YESPLZ are offering Cafecito subscribers a discount. If you’d like to redeem, sign up for an account here and email and we’ll send over your code for you to redeem your sample bag of coffee beans.


That’s all folks. What gifts did we miss? Tweet at us @meetcafecito